About us

Galleri Bakholt connects design classics with art

​Galleri Bakholt's mission is to connect the classical design furniture with national as well as international art. Designers and artists represented by Galleri Bakholt are all recognized for their work and they can likewise be found in several public and private collections worldwide.


Since 1997, we have been selling and buying design-led and high-quality cabinetmaker furniture. Consequently, we have acquired unique expertise in and knowledge of Danish furniture design. Now we also sell newly produced designer furniture which you can find at favourable prices. Read more about it here.

It is our aim to arrange at least 8 one-man exhibitions and events annually. Here we will present artists who have made their mark in Denmark as well as abroad. It is our vision to represent and showcase a wide range of diverse art that we find interesting and relevant to showcase for our visitors.


One of our focus areas is to showcase Russian art of the highest quality and promote the Russian visual culture. Read more about our exhibitions and artists here.



In Galleri Bakholt we believe that art and design should be experienced, explored and discussed. Therefore, we encourage you to visit us in the gallery and you are welcome as often as you please!


We look forward to seeing you!