Ivan Bondarenko

Ivan Bondarenko was born on 27 February 1958 in Frounzé, a small town in Kyrgyzstan whereto his parents - who were also painters - were deported under Stalin.

After completing his education at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Frounzé, Ivan Bondarenko continued his studies at L'Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts in St. Petersburg, where he graduated from in 1983.

Bondarenko is a typical, exuberant example of the post-war generation, which is influenced both by the very violent events in the Soviet Union and the subsequent removal of the Iron Curtain, which gave him the opportunity to travel abroad with his art.

Since then, he has travelled extensively and especially to France, where he has had many exhibitions and where the Russian art really has gained momentum over the years. Ivan Bondarenko found here a country and a clientele that embraced him and his strong, expressive art that, like him, clearly has been inspired by the French countryside and lifestyle.

He still lives and works in St. Petersburg, where he has his roots and where he in the old Tzarby, with its high cultural level, meets a spiritual atmosphere that seems particularly inspiring for his incredible creativity.

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Selected exhibitions
1983   Galerie Nane, Budapest
1993   Galerie Paul DELVAUX à Namur, Belgien

1994   Galerie ART à Salon-de-Provence

1994   Centre de la culture Anglo- Russe, London

1995   Hôtel de Ville de Valréas

1995   Centre Culturel de St. Martin de Crau

1995   Galerie ART 

1996   Galerie Borei, Saint Petersborg

1996   Galerie ART

1996   Galerie La Maison du Chevalier 

1996   Le Libéral à Marseille

1997   Galerie Flirey's 

1997   Galerie Laure Matarasso, Nice

1997   Le Libéral à Marseille

1998   Centre Culturel de Saint-Martin-de-Crau

1999   Espace Pyramide

1999   Galerie Flirey's