Sussi Trampedach

There is no doubt that Sussi Trampedach has got talent. Daughter of artist Kurt Trampedach and illustrator Dorte Karrebæk, Sussi has found inspiration for her artistic expression since childhood. Today, she is her own master. Despite her relatively short career, she is already very successful. Both the national as well as the international scene seems to have great interest in her works.


Sussi Trampedach is an artist who invites the observer into a dualistic world. She mixes the contrasts; seriousness and fun, idyll and horror, in such a way that one cannot see where one begins and the other ends. The harsh humour is placed together with melancholy and a compassionate element. And just this emotional strength provides Trampedach’s paintings with character and makes them precise in their expressions. In addition to the imaginative expression that greatly appeals to our imagination, Sussi’s works are of high technical quality, and she is definitely an artist that we are going to see more of in the future.