Hans J Wegner was educated as a cabinetmaker in 1931 and continued his studies at the School of Arts where he later became a lecturer. During the period of 1938 to 1992 he was probably one of the most productive furniture designers with nearly 1000 different models within all types of furniture.

In 1940 he got a job at the studio, which the architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller had established jointly in connection with the construction of Aarhus City Hall. Here, Hans J. Wegner commissioned to design the furniture - what later became particularly Arne Jacobsen's hallmark; that design should be in extension from the building's architecture - through all its details and components – to interior design and lighting. Hans J. Wegner was all a part of this tradition with his contribution to Aarhus City Hall.

He is best known for his timeless, sculptural, functionalist chairs, where the fine craftsmanship and seating comfort are the main focus. The summit of his lifelong ambition was to understand the nature of wood and exploit its opportunities, which has positioned him among the architects and designers who have contributed to make Danish design world famous.

The list of famous Wegner chairs is long but most people would be familiar with; The China, The Y-Chair or The round Chair - later renamed "The Chair when it became ever so popular in the US. And finally, The Papa Bear Chairthe name was given after a critic described sitting in it, as being hugged by a huge teddy bear.

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Hans J Wegner (1914-2007)